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Steve Kirton - President at Circa Healthcare

Overview of Veterinary Point-of-Care Diagnostic Systems

Michael at StrategyDx provided an in-depth technical and commercial review of the POC systems in the veterinary market. His final report showed a deep understanding and knowledge of the veterinary vertical and his report educated my team, enabling us to create a valuable strategic proposal to our client. Michael's research skills, technical knowledge and commercial insights were extremely valuable to our team and we look forward to engaging him in another project soon.

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Sulatha Dwarakanath, Ph.D. - CEO and Co-Founder of multiomeDx

Market Assessment and Customer Discovery

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael in providing market intelligence for our products. StrategyDX was entrusted with a deep dive market research project and focus group for our Pre-eclampsia product. Michael provided thorough market analysis and engaged the focus group of OBGYNs in an intelligent manner to gather relevant data that helped determine the direction of the company. The data was also used in our investor presentations. StrategyDx and Michael are a great external asset to any company looking for market intelligence and analytics.

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Mohammad Yahya Rouhani - Chief Marketing Officer at Pharmozyme

Commercialization and Product Strategy

There are few consultants as personable, knowledgeable, and patient as Michael. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Pharmozyme has benefited greatly from the advice and support that StrategyDx has brought to the table. From the beginning Michael set out clear objectives, goal posts, and timelines. This creates a transparent process and builds trust between all parties. Throughout the project, there are regular check-ins and Michael clearly communicates any upcoming major decisions. As a small company, we appreciated the level of concern and attention he spent on the project costs while making sure we got the best possible outcome. Finally, and above all else, we really appreciated the detailed, well presented project outcome summaries and reports.

Michael helped us with product marketing plans, market research, and product placement strategies. Going above and beyond, we came to rely on Michael’s presence and wisdom throughout each project and can’t wait for the next time we work with him. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that any company in this space would benefit from Michael’s help.

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